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Animal Emotions med
Karolina Westlund

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I am so thrilled to announce this ecxiting weekendseminar with Karolina Westlund here in Denmark 😃

Interested in developing a better relationship with the dogs in your care? Or just having a happier dog? Or how about your horse?

The seminar addresses why it’s important to understand emotions in order to better predict responses, prevent undesirable behaviour, problem solve more efficiently and prioritize more effectively.

What should you think about when dealing with young animals?
Which are the important experiences that they should have – or shouldn’t have?
How can you prevent animals from becoming fearful?
What can you do to reduce fear-related behaviour?
Why serving food on a plate is a disservice to animals.
The importance of PLAY.

The seminar covers the 7 core emotions in animals: CARE, GRIEF, PLAY, LUST, SEEKING, FEAR, and RAGE – and much more…

This weekendseminar in Animal Emotions is the first in Danmark!





This is not strictly a dog-related seminar: there’ll be examples from horses, cats, and parrots, too!

This weekend Seminar is based on an online course developed by Karolina Westlund from ILLIS Animal Behaviour Consulting. Karolina has a phD in ethology, she’s a researcher, animal trainer and lecturer. She works as an ethologist doing behaviour management of zoo- and laboratory animals, and teaches regularly about behaviour management at universities, veterinary organizations and to pet owners.

She also runs a blog about behaviour management, gives free webinars and online courses.

Not sure if this course is for you? Check out the Summary live Webinar that Karolina did – in 45 minutes she goes over the most important take-aways. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKqp3KGBkMI

The weekend in details:
  • Venue Tune Kursuscenter
  • Lodging is possible at the venue, please contact Tune Kursuscenter.
  • Your coursefee includes light breakfast, lunch, fruit/cake, tea/coffee (both days)
  • Dogs are not allowed at the venue.
  • This seminar is primary for animal trainers, behaviorists, veterinarians and animal caretakers
  • Please notice that the seminar is held in english!
  • Price 3.200 DKK
  • Tilmeld nyhedsbrev

    Få en sjov træningsøvelse i ultimativ kontakt med din hund i velkomstgave!
  • Practial informations

    This course venue is held in lovely country surroundings in Tune (close to Copenhagen) at
    Tune kursuscenter.

    You can book your room at the venue for a small price, please contact Tune kursuscenter.
    Please notice that you will be responsible for your own lodging and the extra expenses.

    Price 3.200 DKK

    Limited spots available!
    Registration is necessary. Your registration is final when your payment is received. Payment is final and non-refundable


    Date: 4-5 march 2017
    Time: 9.00 – 16.30
    (saturday and sunday)

    For any questions you may have please contact Betina by phone +45 60173717 or mail dogwise@dogwise.dk

  • What does other say?

    What are people saying about Animal Emotions?
    “I learned things that weren’t just variations of what I knew in advance but completely new stuff that blew my mind and made me see a lot of things in a different light.” (Kristin Due Holmegaard)
    “The course has changed something in the way I look at animals. I feel…closer to them, and I watch them more closely asking myself what I really see.” (Ewa Rumistrzewicz)
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    Don´t miss out on this exciting seminar, for the first time, in Denmark!

    Read more about Karolina Westlund at her website